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Randy Murphy
November 11, 2009
City: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada

Comments: I moved to Alexandria in 1960 with my family as my father was stationed at England AFB as the GM for the BX.

Gas station, England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana
Gas station, England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana

The photo of the base gas station brings back memories as this was one of the many facitilies dad ran along with the base cafeteria, snack bar, flight line snack bar, convenience store and of course the main BX and toyland.

We lived in the Highpoint subdivision located off of Jackson St. Ext. (you turned off at Ida Street just past Mr. McGraw's ranch) and lived there for 8 years.

I went to school at Prompt Succor and Menard until 1968 when dad was transfered to the Azores, Portugal where I graduated in 1969.

Big event that happened every Saturday night at the CYO center on Texas Ave. Was the ATA's dance where we would dance the night away listening to the music of the Stepping Stones, Dimensions and many other local groups. It was the place to be on Saturday night and the place where the chaparones had to see 'daylight' when we danced to 'When a Man Loves a Woman', 'House of the Rising Sun', 'Whiter Shade of Pale' and many other slower tunes ... we also had  fun participating in the dance contests that were held. Mr. and Mrs. Gaspard, along with many other volunteers, made sure we had a good and safe time.

Lazarone's Driv In, Lee Street, Alexandria, Louisiana

Loved to go to Lazarones for a Po-Boy along with the old Burger Chef on MacArthur Drive and of course the meeting place...McDonalds.

We would eat at the Waddle 'N Grill, pick up snacks at Jiffy Pak or Rizzo's, go to the movies at both the Don and Paramount Theatres, hangout and play the pin ball machines at Bowlero, go swimming at Castor Plunge and Valentine Lake, Stewart's Lake and watch the races at Buhlow Lake.

The highlight of the school year was the football game between the Menard Eagles and the Pineville Rebels...they could get heated!

I moved back in 1973 and worked at both KALB and KDBS as a radio announcer, which bacame my career for 16 years, and then moved back to Canada where I have resided ever since.

Alexandria has many found memories, and is where I call home! It will continue to have a special place in my heart.

Randy Murphy

Buz Decker (Buzzy)
November 3, 2009
Woodville, Texas

Comments: Was stationed at Ft Polk until 1977.


Rapides Parish Coliseum, Alexandria, Louisiana

Many fond memories. Was at this club called The Lighthouse (I think) down the road from England Air Force base every weekend.

Saw KC at the Coliseum with Cindy Edwards whom I've never forgotten. She knew sign language. I think I might have located her on this site. Sure would be nice.

Thanks for the fond memories.

Freddy Rouse
November 2, 2009
Mouth Of Wilson, Va.

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB from 1972 til 1981!  Of the 22 years I was in the Air Force, Alexandria was my favorite place to live!

If I could afford it, i would move back there for good.

Garfield (Gar) Pearson
November 1, 2009
Portland, OR

Comments: EAFB 401st CAMS 1960 tp 1963. Met and married my bride of 45yrs. Warmest Thoughts!

Wesley Glenn Anderson
October 30, 2009
Manassas, VA

Comments: Thanks for putting these pages together. My first AF assignment was at EAFB in 1969 as a Photographer at the Base Photo Lab.

Don Gassman
October 13, 2009
Apopka, FL

Comments: Assigned for almost three years (1956-58) at England AFB. Great memories on and off base.

Cindy Vercher
October 5, 2009
Panama City

Comments: My name is Cindy Vercher, I had 2 brothers JD Vercher and Joel Glenn Vercher; 2 sisters, Brenda Vercher and Amelia Dee Vercher.  My parents are Lamie and Eileen Vercher.  I grew up at 4603 Green Street.  I joined the AF and was stationed at England AFB in INTRO from 80-85.  I was married to Don Hardison.  I have a daughter named Heidi Edwards.  I remember going to Damicos grocery store and getting nickel candy.

I do know the Thiels (Whimpy, Sandy, Oscar and Ms Mary). My daddy played poker with them.  I went to Cabrini, Brame, Bolton and ASH.  I remember we went to Pizza Hut to hang out, after cruizin MacArthur Drive.  If you know me or my family and would like more info please email me. 

Gary Harding
August 29, 2009
Prineville, Or.

Comments: 834th CES Fire Department at England AFB from 1965-1968

Joseph Leonard
August 27, 2009

Comments: I have many fond memories of serving at England Air Force with my fellow members of the USAF from 1963 to 1965.

The residents of Alexandria were always very nice to Air Force members providing a home away from home for us, and I shall always treasure memories of being stationed there.

Julie Poole Hayden
August 20, 2009
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Comments: I married Fred Ross Hayden III there in '67 or '68 when he returned from Vietnam. I would like to know if anyone remembers Ross or his sister Linda and how they are doing.

England Air Force Base Gate
Main Gate, England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana

Willis J. Rabalais Sr.
August 16, 2009
Boyce, LA

Comments: I was stationed at EAFB from 1958 thru 1966.

I live just a few miles from the former base. I would love to reconnect with any old buddies out there!

Mary Wynona Sims
August 14, 2009
Dale, Indiana

Comments: I am David Sims,  from Dale, Indiana. I am looking for Barry Avert, he was living in Alexandria, Louisiana in 1977;  if any one knows of his whereabouts please let me know.  We were in  Minot, North Dakota Air Force Base together.

David Coco
June 18, 2009
Winchester Va.

Comments: Hi - I've signed before, but the comments about the Air Force base made me remember something that may not have been mentioned before.  I remember as a young boy, in the 50's and 60's, having the glass window panes rattling because of the new thing that was happening, something called "sonic booms."  The jet aircraft from the base were breaking the sound barrier, and it was a novel noise at the time in Alexandria. 

Best to all ... live in Virginia but miss the true south. 

Ed Jones
June 11, 2009
Chandler, AZ

Comments: Wow....nice site!

I was stationed at EAFB from March 1982 to March 1989 with the 76th CMU, and special duty with Correctional Custody. Many fond memories of cruising Jackson St. and working many hours as a part-timer at the MacArthur Drive Exxon. Al Rapouli and Darty Smith, if you guys read this, I'm thinking about you!

Great times, great place!

Ed Jones
USAF Retired
Chandler, Az

England Air Force Base

Lynn Rowe
June 2, 2009
Tampa, Florida

Comments: Thanks for the pictures.  I was assigned to the 23rd TAC ATH; was a RN with the hospital squadron.  I have no pictures from that time due to a house fire.  I enjoyed the pictures. 

The base had a newspaper and pictures of the hospital appeared from time to time, including our training exercises for setting up the field hospitals.  It was a great base.

I have fond memories of the Alexandria-Pineville area and especially of EAFB. 

Robert L. Ward
May 28, 2009
Fountain Hills, AZ

Comments: I was an F-100 pilot with the 612th Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam during 1970.  In late September 1970, our wing, I believe it was the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, was transferred to England AFB.

We flew our F-100s across the Pacific, with overnight stops at Guam, Hawaii, and Cannon AFB in New Mexico.  On the 4th day we flew into England AFB.

Watch F-100 Super Sabre videos of U.S.A.F. Captain Robert L. Ward during his active duty at England Air Force Base in Alexandria, Louisiana

Once at England, I was assigned to the 68th TFS, still flying the F-100.  The F-100s were phased out a few years later and replaced by the A-7.

At that time I was re-assigned to the 6th Special Operations Training Squadron, as an A37 instructor pilot for South Vietnamese student pilots.

I left the Air Force in Dec 1974 and moved to Arizona where I have since worked as a professional civil engineer.

I was on Google Earth today trying to find the old Claiborne gunnery range, but was unable to find any visual evidence of where it was.

Charles P Briggs SSgt. Ret.
May 24, 2009

Comments: Got to EAFB in March 80. Worked as crew chief A-7, A-10 in 76 AMU. Went to Nellis in Oct 83. to work F-117. If I had a chance I would go back to Alexandria.

Larry Newcome
May 24, 2009
Washington, DC

Comments: I noticed two names on your register that rang a bell.  Debby Horton was a fellow 6th grader in the once-a-week GT class held at Horseshoe Elementary; I recall the day her father was lost in a KB-50 crash in 1962.  I was also a classmate of Paula Spera Burton's father, Charlie, at Aiken Elementary, whose great-uncle (?) served as the crossing guard for the school.  Until he moved to SF after 5th grade, one of our classmates was Bruce England (along with his younger brother and sister), son of Lt Col John England, for whom the air base was named.

Hotel Bentley, Third Street, downtown Alexandria, Louisiana

We lived in Alex from 1954 to 1963, first on Asber St, around the corner from the St Francis Cabrini CYO, then two blocks away on Linda Lee Lane, a short walk down Bacon St (then a dirt road) to Masonic Drive.  I attended 1st through 6th grades at Aiken (Mr Ford, Principal) and 7th at Alex Junior High (Mr Nichols, Principal). 

I spent my summer days riding my bike through Bringhurst Park, from the branch library at one end, by the swings, golf course, zoo, amusement park, and pool to the baseball fields near the SFC Hospital at the other end, where I played Civitan League baseball.  With my windows open in the summer, I would wake up hearing the lions roaring as the sun rose.

Christmas display, Wellan's Department Store, Third Street, downtown Alexandria, Louisiana

We would celebrate the school play at the end of each school year by stopping by one of the A&Ws (Bolton Ave or Bypass).  Sunday wasn't Sunday without a dozen donuts from Shipleys ($0.60 with a 13th one thrown in).  Something great was always showing at the Don, Joy, Paramount, or Rex theaters.

When "The Horse Soldiers" was being filmed out from town, I recall watching the buses with the dust-covered actors (John Wayne and William Holden among them) and crew pulling up to the Hotel Bentley at night.

EAFB always hosted a great air show every May; Capt Bond was the local stunt pilot.  It wasn't Christmas until Wellans set up its annual window display with everything in motion.

Alex in the 1950s was a great place in which to grow up.

Albert Hutcheson  (Hutch)
May 9, 2009
Old Hickory, TN

Comments: Stationed at EAFB from 1962 to 1964 working on KB-50 tankers-in-flight refueling systems. I have very fond memories of Alexandria. I made a lot of friends at the roller rink. I would love to make contact with them ... Kathy Kidd, Gail Kidd and Gail Simmons.

James Wismer
May 4, 2009
Ragle,y La

Comments: Stationed at Alexandria Air Base 1953, married Claire Plauche 1954, now live in Ragley La.

David Roll
April 26, 2009
Ellsworth AFB, SD

Comments: I was stationed at EAFB from 1981-83. I worked at the base hospital in the Non-Flying Physical Exams section, then in the Emergency Room. My wife, Bobbie, was a nurse up on the medical floor. I enjoyed fishing at Lake Cotile, the great Chinese food at the Mandarian House and the get-togethers with the hospital personnel. I remember hanging out at a gas station outside the gate that had a make-shift bar in the back.

Sgt Steve Redford
April 25, 2009
City: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: Man, what a place.  England AFB was my first duty station with the USAF.  I was stationed there from 85 to 89.  I remember cruising Jackson Street on Friday nights in my buddy's '54 Chevy.  Or another buddy's '80 Mustang GT.  We used to go to places like the Bayview Yacht Club, or the Cotton Gin.  Or Indian Creek for water skiing.

Crawfish boils and etouffe's.  Jambalyas and gumbos.  Boudin & andouilles. Man, that's the best food in the world.  Tunk's was my first experience eating alligator.  It tasted pretty good. 

The people of Alec & Pineville are the salt of the earth.  I'll hopefully return one day with my family, and show them the old stompin' grounds, and introduce them to some of the kindest folks they're ever going to meet.

Angel Guaderrama
April 21, 2009
Walnut, CA

Comments: I was at England from 1965 to 1968; my time at England helped me grow up and understand a lot of the stuff in life.  Thanks for the memories.

E4 Guaderrama

Jim Rodgers
April 19, 2009
New Braunfels, TX.

Comments: I had a grandma who lived in another town just below y'all -- Glenmora. And I have a brother who was stationed at England Air Force Base some years ago.

St. Francis Cabrini Hospital, Alexandria, Louisiana

James A. Coe
April 13, 2009
Dothan, AL

Comments: I was in 366th or 401st A&E Maintenance from 1957 - 1959, we had F-84s then got F-100Ds and 100Fs.

Our daughter was born in St. Francis Cabrini Hospital in Oct, 1957!

Sgt. Dwayne Lang
March 15, 2009
Jackson, MS

Comments: I was a member of the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, 76th Strike Fighter Squadron, 76th Combat Aircraft Maintenance Unit, 1985 -1989. I served under the command of Lt. Colonel James Jameson. Participated in Gunsmoke when we won the Daedalian Award as the best A10A Fighter Wing in the world.

Baptist Church, Main Street, Pineville, Louisiana

Also participated in Long Rifle Competition, George AFB, Ca. Red Flag Competition, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV. Forward Operating Location Mobility Exercise with Navy Seal unit at Barbers Point NAS, Oauhu, HW. Operation Cornet Fox with the German Armed Forces, Leck AFB, Leck, Germany.

I do appreciate the support the people of Alexandria gave to our Wing and our mission to protect their freedom at all cost. The people of Pineville-Alexandria made us all feel at home.

A special thanks to the good people of Pineville Baptist Church that several of our pilots and support personnel were a member of. All the prayers for us when we left the area to go into the four corners of the world to protect our freedoms. They treated us like family also. Thank you very much for the support and prayers you gave us.

I enjoyed my time in the Alexandria-Pineville area mainly because of the wonderful, supportive and appreciative people of the area.

Thank you Alexandria.

England AFB Movie Theater
Base Theater, England Air Force Base

Tracey (West) White
March 2, 2009
Ocean Springs, MS

Comments: Loved the pictures - Brought back some great memories - It was a simpler life in the 70's.  After "running" the roads of Jackson Street and Twin Bridges graduated from ASH in 77', left Alexandria in 86' but go back a few times each year to visit family.

Flew in recently and it felt a little strange riding thru the ole Airbase, my Dad help to build the golf course in the mid 50's.  Keep up the good work.

Bob and Mary Holm
February 24, 2009
Columbus, Ohio

Comments: We lived in Alexandria from 1960 to 1963 at 2219 Vance Avenue. Bob was an officer in the 401st Air Police Squadron at England AFB. We had been married for a month when we arrived, so we have special memories of Alexandria and our early married life, and the birth of our first son.

Nicholas M Williams
February 22, 2009
Lancaster, California

Comments: I was stationed at England from Aug 1962 to Aug 1964, with the 401st TFW. I have many memories of Alexandria, mostly good, some sad; it is a very special place in my heart.

James E Downs
February 13, 2009
Meridian MS

Comments: I worked in sq. supply 1969 to 1973. First air planes A37 trainer, F100 Super Sabre, A7 flying tigers. Please write if you want to.

Clara Claud Gantt )
February 8, 2009
City: Columbia,SC

Comments: I would love to hear from anyone in Alexandria and maybe renew old friendships. I lived on Edward Avenue from 1955-1960. I married a wonderful man from England AFB and we left Alex. in 1963. My parents moved from there and went to Bossier City, La. I have been back to Alex. only 2 times, but still call it home.

Carl T Harris
February 3, 2009
West Point, MS

Comments: Stationed at England AFB fro 1966 to 1970. Enjoyed every moment.

Norman E. Hicks, Jr.
January 25, 2009
Magee, MS

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB from 1955 to 1958.

Patty Miller Eberhart
January 22, 2009
City: Granbury, Tx

Comments: My dad was stationed at England AFB from 1966-70. He ran the gunship (C-47) school. Everyone who flew C-47s in Vietnam went through that school. We lived off base in "Major Ronka's house". Maj Ronka had been killed in Vietnam.

I went to Brame, then started at Alexandria Sr High when it opened. They had synchronized swimming in PE then. The favorite thing to do was cruise the McDonalds to see who was there hanging out. We moved to San Antonio when my dad retired, but I still keep in touch with friends there.

Sgt. Larry S. Chauvin 1st Air Commando Div
January 5, 2009
Kissimmee, FL

Comments: So many years have passed, seems as yesterday. Great times with friends!! Discharged May 69 !! Miss my 1st Air Commando beret. Lost it some years back. Please assist me in replacing!! Maroon beret with 1st Air Commando side of beret (Any Place Any Time) 101 missions Vietnam!


Larry S. Chauvin

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