England Air Force Base: A Journey Back in Time

Through its history as Alexandria Army Air Base, then Alexandria Air Force Base, and finally England Air Force Base (EAFB), the business was airplanes, and defense of the nation. We flew Old Glory proudly, and took our job seriously.

England AFB Airpower Arsenal

Aircraft display, at the former England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana...May 2003
England AFB Heritage Park ... click for photos

The aircraft arsenal was the best of its time: the B-17 Flying Fortress, F-86 Sabre, F-100 Super Sabre, the KB-29 Superfortress, the KB-50, the A-7 Corsair, the A-10 Warthog, the A-37 Dragonfly, the A-26A, and the rest of the fleet. view highlights of the EAFB fleet

Whatever the mission, England AFB met the challenge.

Our Work at England AFB

The personnel at the base flew the airplanes, maintained them and supported the entire effort. For fifty years, they made sure that England AFB was a key element in the defense of the United States.

They loved their work, and appreciated the time spent in Alexandria-Pineville and the support received from its citizens.

John Stinger, age 18, at his desk at the England AFB newspaper "The Tiger Talk"
John Stinger at his desk at the England AFB newspaper "The Tiger Talk"
click here to read more and view some "Stinger's Stunners" from 1956


Other Louisiana Military Installations

This base was one of several military camps in the Alexandria area created during World War II and part of the Louisiana Maneuvers including Camp Livingston and Camp Claiborne.

And in nearby Bossier City was located Barksdale Air Force Base, the large Strategic Air Command (SAC) installation with its B-47 and B-52 fleets.

The original photos in this website were taken in May, 2003, and in late 2011, at what is now known as the England Airpark.

England Airpark

In October 1990, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission made the decision to close the base. Remaining A-10s were transferred to Air National Guard units. England Air Force Base ended its storied history on June 1, 1992.

The base was transferred to the England Air Park and Community, and this organization has achieved great success in transforming the base into a usable, vibrant business and residential area.

F-84F Thunderstreak on static display at the entrance to the former England AFB in Alexandria
F-84F Thunderstreak on static display at the entrance to the former England AFB in Alexandria

England Air Force Base Main Gate

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